Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers DayHappy Mothers Day

Let’s all remember the mothers in our life that helped us get to where we are today.


National Wilderness Month

National Wilderness Month

Capitol Reef National Park , Utah

Did you know that September is National Wilderness Month , and that  September 28 is National Public Lands Day? Get out and explore nature!

Center of California

20130817-135334.jpgOur trip to the Center of Earth. Just kidding but we did make a trip to the center of California and it was hot as, well you know… the center of Earth. So it’s a little tricky to find this place if you don’t know ahead of time exactly where you are going. No special signs that say “turn here for the Center of California” , just unmaintained windy roads. In the winter I would think that it’s impossible to get to this point, and the summer, like now, the temperature soars above 100. There is one small pull off to park at and if you don’t know what you are looking for, then expect to pass it up. The spot marked is on the side of a hill and there are stairs to help you get up there. It’s a cool little thing to do if your up in this neck of the woods.


Salvation Mountain, Niland CA

salvation mountain

Salvation Mountain Niland California Folk Art

No trip to the Salton Sea would be complete with out taking a little side trip to see this iconic National Folk Art site. Whether you believe in the bible or have your own interpretation of God, this larger than life sculpture is spectacular to see. Its’ creator Leonard Knight had a vision to share with the world and from a small hillside to the large mountain it is today, people all over the world have come by to see this rainbow of color in the desert. You can go in the mountain and walk through it’s numerous cavern like structures which artists continue to create. Don’t forget to “follow the yellow brick road” at Salvation Mountain.

Salton Sea State Recreation Area

Salton Sea State Recreation Area

Lagoon at Salton Sea Recreation Area

This California State Park is on the shores of the Salton Sea. Most people have never heard of it but it is one of the largest lakes in California, and it was made by accident. This lake is not full of fresh water though, it is actually saltier than the ocean. Our trip to this spot was during February which brought wonderful temperatures and tons of migratory birds. There is a huge wildlife sanctuary for birds on their way south for warmer weather. The air had a hint of fish every now and then, but since we live by the sea, it felt like home. I guess I must also mention the shore line. Yes it has tons of dead fish, bones, and dried up barnacles. While this may seem unappealing and down right nasty looking, it can make for some interesting photos.

Bald Eagle Count

silverwood lake

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

It’s that time again to volunteer to count bald eagles at Lake Silverwood. Come out early to participate in this free activity. Spend a few hours in the morning watching for this national treasure and stay to enjoy the rest of the day at Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area. We try and make it out every year, it truly is a fun day and we are helping out an endangered species. The remaining dates for the count are Feb 9 and March 9. If you participate in this bald eagle count activity, you can get in free to the lake. You can also reserve a spot on one of the boat tours. And the campground it great too! Check out our campsite page.

Click here for details.      Sliverwood  Lake State Recreation Area

Horse Stop

Save The Animals Today Rescue

Save The Animals Today Rescue Horseback Ride

A small outing during our last camping trip took us to an event called “Open Barn” and is part of the Save The Animals Today Rescue event held on the first Saturday of the month. This was a great opportunity to walk around the sanctuary and give these rescue horses some love and attention. For a donation your kids can get a horse back ride around the arena and you know that the donation goes directly back into the non profit. If you’re in the area on the the first Saturday, check them out, or make a donation.

General Sherman Tree

General Sherman Tree

General Sherman Giant Sequoia National Park


Capture California Game

Capture California Game

Capture California Game Flags

Kicking off a new adventure, I came across this cool game called CaptureCaliforniaGame.com. Our household made up two teams: The Graceful Zebras (father/daughter), and The Fantastic Deer (mother/son). Armed with our respective flags that need to be present in every photo for the game, we started out on our first “Adventure” to earn points in a competition with other teams throughout California to do as many thing on the “adventure list” as possible. I say check it out!! It’s a fun FREE activity that families can do, and for our house, the competition is “equal” but how we show our “proof” is our own teams uniqueness.

Happy Mothers Day

Western Lowland Gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla Mother and Baby

Wishing a Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there. Even these Critically Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla’s have so much to celebrate.